Message from Mr Victor LAM, JP
Government Chief Information Officer

I wish to extend my gratitude to the JCI Dragon for their good and hard work in organising the Youth Can Code: SDG Innotech Challenge 2020 at this extremely difficult time under the shadow of epidemic threats.  The event has been adjusted to become an online training and competition platform for students so that they can continue to benefit from lessons in programming and innovation.  This meaningful event makes a great platform for our young talent to showcase their innovative ideas and technical skills.

The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals Report 2019 acknowledges that technology and innovation through digital transformation can drive progress across all 17 Sustainable Development Goals as set out in the 2030 Agenda adopted by United Nations member states.  As such, investment in technology and innovation is not only a crucial driver of economic growth, but also an important enabler of sustainable development.

Green Tomato Limited

GreenTomato is a Hong Kong based  innovation and digital transformation consultancy specialising in the provision of mobile enterprise solutions and creation of award-winning mobile apps. GreenTomato is a winner of over 100 local and global awards including SME Award presented by DHL & SCMP, Technology Company of the Year Award presented by ComputerWorld Magazine, Asia Pacific ICT Alliance Grand Award winner and Red Herring Global 100. 

To amplify our sustainable creativity, we founded GT Group, a leading innovation powerhouse with a team of over 300 passionate engineers and designers in the region. In recent years, GT STUDIO, an in-house startup incubator owned by GT Group, has been successfully incubates and accelerates over 10 tech startups.


Microsoft (Nasdaq交易代碼:MSFT) 是領導全球的電腦軟件、服務及解決方案供應商,致力協助個人及企業充分發揮潛能。

時至今日,電腦軟件及以互聯網為中心的網上服務,已融入成為人們工作、生活、學習和溝通不可或缺的部份。客戶每日使用Microsoft方案來找出創新方式解決業務問題、構思革命性意念和與重要的資源和人聯繫,均激發我們不斷努力,並從中獲得靈感。Microsoft 提供一系列多元化的產品和服務,專門協助人們透過強大的軟件,隨時隨地透過不同的設備提升工作效率。這些方案包括個人電腦和網絡的操作系統、為客戶端/伺服器環境而設的伺服器應用程式、商業及個人生產力應用軟件、互動多媒體程式、互聯網平台及開發工具。此外,Microsoft 亦提供網上服務及娛樂和硬件設備。

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